Starters & Snacks

Hot Crab Dip

jumbo lump crab, horseradish, blended cheeses, buttered baguette 14.00

Herb Fried Calamari

tender, fresh calamari lightly dusted with seafood breading, fried and served with hot and sour sauce 11.00

Fried Green Tomatoes

thick sliced green tomatoes, cornmeal crust, fried, with cilantro yogurt 9.00


served with lavash crackers, radish, and grapes

Low Country Spring Rolls

collards, country ham, shrimp, julienne vegetables, fried, with hot and sour dipping sauce 12.00

Pimento Cheese

a Carolina Classic to share!........served with lavash crackers 9.00

Pork Wings

grilled, with red-eye glaze 12.00

* These items may be ordered to temperature